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Unlock and Lead Innovation

Make technology a strategic enabler to your business
Technology Advisory

We provide experienced advise from people who have sat in your hot seat. Do you need better knowledge of rapidly changing digital world? Do you want an independent trusted adviser to translate technology initiatives to "plain english"? Do you have major IT initiatives that are over-budget and behind schedule and you want to understand underlying causes? Contact us and we can provide an outside perspective to help embrace and navigate the growing impact of technology on your business.  

Technology Services

Technology should be a strategic enabler for your company, helping to drive successful performance across the enterprise. All too often, business objectives and IT strategies are out of sync and IT organizations deliver little measurable business value. We can help you change business driven technology outcomes with out innovative and consultative technology practice.  

Business Accelerator

Business Accelerator innovates, incubates and launches a portfolio of technology-based software and solution businesses from ground up or through strategic acquisitions. The company has assembled a highly capable and proven management team with decades of experience and success in launching businesses, mergers and acquisitions, integrations, financing transactions, operations, turnarounds and divestitures. We constantly seek businesses, ideas and teams where we believe a strong and fresh management team can re energize a fundamentally sound but under performing business. We acquire companies through Venture Equity or provide loans through Venture Finance.

Technology Staffing

With the ability to access the right IT workers, Innofoundry provides temporary and permanent staffing solutions to address your evolving business needs. Whether it’s application development, data management, UI/UX, project management, network infrastructure or cyber security, Innofoundry has the expertise to help your organization secure top talent. 

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