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ec2jlist — java program to list aws ec2 simpledb s3 resources across all regions

List ec2 instances, simpledb resources and s3 resources across all accounts and regions

I was trying to get aws resources across all regions and there is no easy way to do this in the aws console. You will have to click through each region and then change and look at each resource type. If you happen to use several regions like we do, that is a major pain. So, I wrote a quick and easy program that outputs all EC2, SimpleDB and S3 resources across all regions.

Location of source repository


Java, Ant and AWS SDK

How to run?

Get the project and all dependent jars. The dependency jars are listed in the respective folders in README.txt run “ant build” to build run “ant run” to execute

Sample output — AWS regions

[java] Total number of AWS regions = 16
 [java] ===========================================
 [java] Listing all AWS Regions this program will query
 [java] ===========================================
 [java] regions name: us-gov-west-1
 [java] regions name: ap-northeast-1
 [java] regions name: ap-northeast-2
 [java] regions name: ap-south-1
 [java] regions name: ap-southeast-1
 [java] regions name: ap-southeast-2
 [java] regions name: ca-central-1
 [java] regions name: eu-central-1
 [java] regions name: eu-west-1
 [java] regions name: eu-west-2
 [java] regions name: sa-east-1
 [java] regions name: us-east-1
 [java] regions name: us-east-2
 [java] regions name: us-west-1
 [java] regions name: us-west-2
 [java] regions name: cn-north-1

Sample output — ec2, simpledb, S3 recources for each region

[java] ===========================================
 [java] Listing services in region : us-east-1
 [java] ===========================================
 [java] You have access to 6 Availability Zones.
 [java] You have 3 Amazon EC2 instance(s) running.
 [java] You have 9 Amazon SimpleDB domain(s)containing a total of 9 items.
 [java] You have 3 Amazon S3 bucket(s), containing 24 objects with a total size of 31414681 bytes.


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