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Proven Team

We have assembled a highly capable and proven management team with decades of experience and success in launching businesses, mergers and acquisitions, integrations, financing transactions, operations, turnarounds and divestitures.
“There is a lot of talk about “value add” from VCs but often that is just for show during the process of winning the deal. The number of VCs who actually add a lot of value to their investments is much smaller than you would think.” 
— Fred Wilson (GP, Union Square Ventures)
If you looking for a fund manager to hear pitches, network for deals negotiate. They assess founders. They build market hypotheses. Yes, they get business updates and sit on boards and give advice but they do it at a very high level, identifying patterns and encouraging into or around them.
If you are looking for a team that will invest in you and also grid with you, talk to us. In my operating career, I loved the grind it out, down and dirty business problems new and growing companies face every day. Pricing. Positioning. Hiring. Firing. Org structure. Culture. Crisis management. Persuading customers and employees. Selling. Offer creation. Partnership building. Investors do not do this work. If you love it, you will hate investing.

Do you need a better knowledge of the rapidly evolving digital environment, its potential impact on different parts of the business and the value chain ?

Do you need a senior experienced professional who can step in and quickly stabilize projects and improve the business

Do you want a trusted, independent advisor to translate technology initiatives into “plain English”.

Do you need an objective advisor to evaluate potential project risks and provide ongoing quality assurance for the project to stay on track.

Do you have a major technology initiative and need help developing a business case and funding proposal for the board?

Do you want a sounding board for vetting IT strategies and validating spending priorities.

Advisory Contact
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